How to adapt hybrid working into your business

Hybrid Working | HR Consultancy | Peas in a Pod Consulting
How can you adapt your business to new working styles? A mixture of home & office based known as ‘hybrid’ or ‘blended’ working.

Hybrid work is a work style that enables employees to blend working from different locations: home, on the go, or the office. Thanks to the pandemic, this relatively new concept of a working model is undoubtedly the hot topic of conversation for business leaders nationally right now!

For most companies, the introduction of hybrid working will require a huge culture shift, requiring managers to establish new ways of working, with associated policies and practices. 

Hybrid Working | HR Consultancy | Peas in a Pod Consultancy

So, with the vaccine roll out offering a likely return to the workplace for current homeworkers from this month, how, why and what should business leaders think about implementing a hybrid approach?

  1. Before taking any action, map out a company wide, hybrid working plan.
  2. Allow enough time for staff to transition back into their roles in an orderly, considered and successful manner. Consider timeframes for processing formal Flexible Working Requests, ensure time to consult with staff who are worried about coming back into the workplace, or don’t want to!  

  3. Include workforce in the planning – there is no such thing as too much communication with your people. Your staff understand the nuances that affect their work better than anyone, so ask them!

  4. Allow staff to work where they are most productive (office, home or client sites for eg); balancing the wellbeing and personal needs of your employees with what’s practical for the business and its continuity. 

  5. Create structure and boundaries; ensure compliance considerations are satisfied and risk assessments completed. Home working can lead to work-life balance being blurred or sacrificed, embed an Employee Assistance Programme or Mental Health First Aiders to provide support 

And there you have it! Managing complex or significant change isn’t always smooth and of course we know this. If you would like a little extra help to implement a hybrid working model in your company, or even just to chat the idea over further, give us a call or contact us here!

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