CIPD People Performance Consultants

Our Story

Rebecca and Kay met professionally in 2003 and have been inseparable ever since. Working together, living together, marriage, kids and everything in between. Their professional partnership works because they understand and respect each other, because of their mutual passion for people orientated development and understanding of its impact on business productivity. Rebecca brings the ‘management and control’ expertise, whereas Kay focusses on the ‘leadership and development’ elements of people performance.

“Some of the most successful companies in the world were started by co-leaders with productive relationships and the same vision.  We may not be Apple, but we are peas. And we were definitely made in the same pod”

Rebecca Beard and Kay Coombs, CIPD People Performance Consultants

Thank you for your excellent support, absolute first class service and cannot speak highly enough

Chris Reynolds, Managing Director, Alliance Remedial Supplies

Our Team


Kay Coombs

Kay’s background is predominantly Operations management in a highly pressurised and targeted environment. She has implemented, delivered and brought about the successful completion of several projects throughout her career in the Welfare to Work Sector.  Her broad skill set includes collective and individual performance management, recruitment and workforce development, writing and delivering staff training, reviewing and refining business processes and competency frameworks, managing quality assurance, conducting self-assessment and monitoring continuous improvement. She has managed teams both large and small during periods of business stability and through times of change.

Kay supported me to capitalize on my strengths in order to be more successful in my field

Julie Fisher, Business Engagement Manager, Southampton City Council

Most business owners are all too aware that proactive prevention of conflict is preferable to working in a hostile environment. However, few have the resources to achieve workplace harmony, or sometimes even effective communication, given the external pressure and time constraints of running a business. Kay uses her expertise to enable employers to mitigate workplace friction, unify their workforce and shape happier, more productive employees. She succeeds in inspiring individuals to work together in order to create a sense of shared vision and a focus on collective performance.


Rebecca Beard LLB

Before acquiring a law degree and forging a successful career in senior management, Rebecca experienced every possible management style while working service industry coalface jobs. As a result, she became fascinated with the psychological factors that can affect productive employee relations in the workplace early in her career.

She strongly believes that no longer practical for any organisation to measure productivity simply with numbers, nor that one single leadership model can be effective for every organisation. Behavioural economics and psychology tell us that people react differently to situations and have different needs and approaches to getting things done.

Rebecca provided excellent support and practical HR advice, successfully resolving a number of long-standing workplace challenges  

Anna Clodfelter, CEO, University of Portsmouth Students’ Union

10 years successful experience of managing collective and individual performance of her staff and teams, with qualifications in workplace training, mediation and CIPD, Rebecca now has an impressive record of training employees up to the required productivity standards or, as a last resort, managing out of the business for significant and sustained underperformance. Managers, therefore,  can feel assured that the working practices she adopts and incorporates into the ethos of their workplace are fair and compliant.