The 4 Day Work Week has been introduced to the UK, but will it work?


A trial has launched in the UK to evaluate how longer weekends could result in a more productive work week. The modern way of working we has significantly sped up the way we work, and the five-day week is possibly no longer necessary for businesses to thrive.

It’s been an ongoing discussion for many years about the possible benefits of a shorter work week, however the pandemic and Brexit have arguably contributed to the speed in which the benefits of implementing such initiatives are being actively considered in the workplace.

There has been a clear shift in the last year to a working from home environment, where the importance of employee wellbeing has become a primary focus of concern, and is attracting a scrutiny around work to life balance. This appears to be generating a possible shift into employees considering how they want to continue working going forwards. The hybrid workstyle is a good option for many, but it doesn’t work for every business model, so it may be worth following this topic if you think this could work for you.

So what are they trialling?

Across the UK, numerous companies are taking part in a 6 month trial where their employees will only work for the four out of their regular 5 day work week. This is to measure whether they can operate at the usual standards, and how it affects wellbeing in the workplace.

The idea is, if employees could get the same wage they are used to, but only expected to work for 4 days out of the week, then when they are at work it’s a much more productive, positive and motivational environment to be in, essentially boosting employee wellbeing, whilst also allowing the business to cut costs in other ways.

There are similar trials being run around the world, specifically in Scotland, Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia, so this could really be a global shift in how we operate in future years to come.

4 Day work week – What do you think?

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this trial to see the results. Meanwhile, have you thought about ways you could adapt your business model to allow more flexibility for your employees?

The 4 day work week may not be the right solution for you, but small businesses will have to keep an open mind to how they can increase employee wellbeing and motivation moving forward.

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