CIPD People Performance Consultants

HR Policy advice and implementation

Personalised, hands-on and by your side.

To lead a team effectively, manage performance standards consistently and fairly, and ensure clear compliance with legal obligations as an employer, you need HR policies and procedures that work.


Well-written, user friendly HR Policy and Procedures documents are critical management tools in today’s heavily regulated workplace environment, and enable business owners to control and handle any employee-related issues quickly and fairly as they arise.

Peas in a Pod Consulting provide a professional HR Policy and Procedures writing service in the main essential areas:

  • Grievance policy
  • Disciplinary policy
  • Capability procedure
  • Sickness absence and reporting
  • Recruitment and Induction policy


A high value, low cost vital service for both professionals looking to recruit their first employee, or for small business owners looking to establish clear rules and guidelines to regulate employee’s work, attendance and behaviour.