Pod Basics: How do YOU build your team of team players?

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A team will only work effectively if every member understands that its success is dependent on collective effort. 

As the leader, it ultimately becomes your responsibility to ensure that understanding through assigning collective tasks and setting collective targets.

The realisation that a colleague’s performance will impact their results and vice versa, is a great way to create a team working culture in the workplace.

Set clear expectations and project targets, with milestones and tangible success criteria

Empower, enable and hold individuals accountable. Each employee is personally responsible for their own performance towards, and achievement of, the organisational goals.

Lead by example. Set high expectations but don’t ask people to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. Contribute, listen and provide meaningful feedback.

Be approachable, be human. Admit your mistakes, keep an open door policy, allow employees to have the better ideas. Be an active listener and a patient communicator.

Make work fun! Engaged employees are the most productive employees. Inspire,  celebrate achievements and remember; a team that laughs together tends to stay together.

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