Support Services for Employees

Providing employment advice and guidance to employees is how we started our careers. From years of professional careers counselling, to representation in Tribunal, our history of advising and advocating on behalf of individuals is long and varied.

Employees Support Services Advocacy & Support

HR Advice and Advocacy

Are you dealing with a difficult situation at work?

Are you being subjected to a disciplinary or redundancy process?

Are you in dispute over your contractual terms? 

Do you feel you have been mistreated?

We offer HR advice and support to help you understand your rights in the workplace. Book your free 15 minute advice call today.

We will listen to your worries and offer informed, objective guidance and information on your situation. We promise to explain things in clear and simple language to help you best decide how to tackle the problem.

We offer a free 15 minute advice call, just contact us to book yours.

Employee Services - Career Coaching

Careers Coaching

Whether you simply need a CV or you have reached a crossroads in your career and don’t have a clue which way to turn, we can assist you to navigate the next step on your professional journey.

Few job searchers understand the psychology behind a recruitment process but gaining an insight into the mind of a recruiter could make the difference between securing your dream job and receiving another one of those horrid rejection letters.

Our goal is to give you the best chance of identifying and securing the career you want.

“The CV is perfect and sounds amazing, I can’t wait to start approaching companies…”