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Developing stronger organisations

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the capacity of managers to see the total picture; to understand the competitive landscape, to realise where the company needs to be in the future and how to lead it there.

This essential course aims to create leaders who can identify, challenge and develop clear business strategies to help define and scope the direction of their team, department or organisation.

This course is for you if:

  • Your department or company needs an an organisational health check that will help identify strategic gaps or priorities
  • You need to develop a strategic vision for your company that outlines the future direction and priorities of the business
  • You want to create strategic objectives, so that employees are clear on organisational goals and priorities

Understanding Organisational Change

In a continuously evolving business environment change remains one of the few constant factors throughout our working lives. Organisations that refuse to embrace change will eventually be superseded by their competitor counterparts; those that are willing to adapt and create a competitive advantage for themselves. But change implementation needn’t be a negative experience for those affected; if planned effectively and handled well then change can provide an opportunity for real sustainable business growth.


This course enables participants to confidently and successfully navigate the change process, with a focus on how people respond to communications regarding change and therefore mitigate any potential negative impact on organisational productivity. The materials can be applied to individuals working at all management or supervisor levels in the business. From business leaders responsible for implementing strategic change, to front line supervisors who can ease the change process by developing their understanding of it.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to ensure that change is dealt with effectively in order to maximise growth potential and minimise disruption to employee productivity.
  • You wish to integrate change management with project management to ensure successful project implementation and completion.
  • You recognise that change is difficult for employees, and you want to help them to remain solution focussed during periods of uncertainty.

Root Cause Analysis

It can be easy to become complacent when things are going to plan. But with several external, and often uncontrollable factors affecting the business landscape, it is wise for managers to invest in the process of continuous improvement in order to maintain a competitive edge.  Equipping employees at the ‘coal-face’ with an understanding of the basic principles of Root Cause Analysis is a proactive way to start this process.


Root cause analysis describes the methodology used to get to the bottom of underperformance issues, or the cause of an untoward incident. When the ‘root cause’ is known, appropriate solutions and remedial actions can be established. In short; if we can determine what happened and why, it is less likely that the negative event will reoccur. The real problem is then addressed, not just the symptoms.


To make this process truly valuable those closest to the areas to be improved should be included in the process. For this reason this basic Root Cause Analysis training can be applied to both business leaders and employees.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to provide employees with sound investigative techniques, and increase their confidence to address and resolve problems.
  • You wish to move away from a culture of blame and towards one of personal accountability for collective success.
  • You want to prevent wasting time, resources and money by enabling managers to identify and deal with the real reasons for underperformance, and not the just the effects of it.