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Customer Excellence

Now more than ever, customers are sharing their personal experiences online and through Social Media. This means word spreads quickly, so a single negative business review or comment has the potential to change the public perception of an organisation, and that can be difficult to recover from. Therefore it is more important than ever to not only meet a customer’s expectations, but to exceed them at every given opportunity to ensure ongoing loyalty and repeat business.


This essential training provides an opportunity for employees to utilise our development tool to review their existing practices against the expected business standards, and learn the necessary skills to consistently provide a level of customer care that will ensure customers keep coming back.


Participants will explore their individual role in the customer journey, and the impact they have on how the organisation is perceived after each customer interacts with them. This course inspires personal accountability by asking participants to reflect upon their behaviour and learn to adapt it to ensure the best possible experience for every customer. In doing so they assume greater individual responsibility for retaining customers.

This course is for you if:

  • You work in a customer focussed role, either face to face or on the phone
  • You would like to be able to deal more confidently with challenging customers
  • You have identified that there is a need for a more consistent approach to customer service within your business
  • You are a manager who would like to involve employees in shaping the organisational standards for customer excellence

Customer complaint handling

A customer complaint presents a valuable opportunity to improve your business, but only if the complaint is handled correctly. If a complaint is handled badly it could result in the loss of a valued customer, and potential future customers. With many customers taking to social media to make their feelings known it is more important than ever to make sure employees dealing with complaints are trained to do so effectively.


This course looks at why customer complaints are important, focussing on how to find a resolution that will preserve and improve customer relationships and offers practical techniques in complaint handling as well as advice on dealing with abusive customers.

This course is for you if:

  • You manage a team of people in a customer service environment
  • You want to include complaints handling as part of your core training offer or staff induction process
  • You frequently receive complaints that become abusive and are looking to instil boundaries to manage customer hostility
  • You are looking to introduce a framework for complaints handling.

Wellness at work

Nobody is invincible, therefore it is perfectly acceptable for employees to be unable to attend work from time to time due to ill health. However, it is important to differentiate occasional,  genuine absence from persistent employee absenteeism. The latter can be extremely costly to businesses, in particular SMEs, where there is often less opportunity for a colleague to cover the work.


Ultimately, developing a culture of wellness at work is the most effective long term solution to persistent sickness absenteeism issues in your workplace. Educating employees to take proactive steps to maintaining their health whilst giving them practical techniques to make healthier choices that will improve their mental and physical health.


This course takes a look at how mindset affects health and teaches methods for increasing resilience and dealing with personal issues before they impact on working life. Participants will develop wellness goals that can be taken back and included in their individual performance action plans at work.

This course is for you if:

  • You want your employees to appreciate their own wellbeing as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process. Understanding that their health will impact those around them.
  • You would like to identify the support that managers could and should provide to employees to promote wellness in the workplace.
  • You work for an organisation that is currently experiencing high levels of absenteeism and you would like to take proactive steps to tackle the problem

Health and Safety for all

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) imposes a general duty on employers, self-employed, employees, suppliers and owners of premises to ensure that their workplaces are safe and offer no risk to health.


Employees who have been trained in Health and Safety are able to go about their work confidently, with an understanding of how they are expected to keep themselves and their colleagues safe while in the workplace.


This training course provides a basic overview of Health and Safety legislation; employer and employee responsibilities, identifying risks, hazards and control measures, near miss reporting and accident investigation.


This course will infer personal accountability and create an awareness that Health and Safety in the workplace really is everybody’s responsibility.

This course is for you if:

  • You live and breathe and want to continue to do so at work.

In all seriousness, this course really does apply to all. It is a perfect introduction to Health and Safety at work.